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October 2020

Prof. Servaas van Thiel

Free Movement of Persons and Income Tax Law: the European Court in search of principles
October 2020
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Frank Pötgens

Income from International Private Employment
October 2020
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Jennifer E. Farrell

The Interface of International Trade Law and Taxation
January 2020
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Renate Buijze

Tackling the International Tax Barriers to Cross-Border Charitable Giving
January 2019

Na Li

The Tax Sparing Mechanism and Foreign Direct Investment
November 2017
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Fernando Souza de Man

Taxation of Services in Treaties between Developed and Developing Countries
March 2016
Print | ePub | Online

Angharad Miller

Taxing Cross-Border Services: Current Worldwide Practices and the Need for Change
December 2015
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Marie Lamensch

European Value-Added Tax in the Digital Era: A Critical Analysis and Proposals for Reform
December 2014
Print | ePub | Online

Cees Peters

On the Legitimacy of International Tax Law
November 2013
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Marcel Schaper

The Structure and Organisation of EU Law in the Field of Direct Taxes