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14 January 2021
New Products
Checking MLI Treaty Status Made Easy

Checking the status of the applicability of the MLI to a treaty is now much easier with the new MLI Treaty Status filter.

16 February 2021
New Products
Case Law Search Made Easy

Finding cases and all related documents within the Case Law collection is easy with this handy tip.

17 March 2021
New Products
Extended free text search

We continually strive to enhance your user experience, and as part of this programme, we have extended the search suggestions for free text searches on the IBFD Platform.

03 April 2021
New Products
IBFD’s Authoritative International Tax Glossary - Available for free

The only and most authoritative resource for defining tax and tax-related terms, IBFD’s International Tax Glossary, is accessible for free on the IBFD Tax Research Platform.

16 May 2021
New Products
Calculate Your Corporate Tax, with our New Export Tax Calculation Tool

On our Tax Research Platform, you can now download a tax calculation example to Excel and compute the approximate corporate tax based on your income situation.

17 May 2021
New Products
Global Tax Treaty Commentaries (GTTC)

We are proud to announce the launch of the second part of the Global Tax Treaty Commentaries (GTTC) collection, focused on Country Policy and Practice.

16 June 2021
New Products
Quickly find documents with our new free text search

Our new search functionality helps users find documents quickly and easily on the IBFD platform.


24 June 2021
New Products
Supporting you in tracking the latest BEPS developments

We have updated and further expanded our BEPS Country Monitor tracking the latest BEPS developments adopted by countries. With an additional 18 countries, reaching a total of 88 countries covered (across all continents) plus two organizations (OECD and the European Union), you get one overview of all you need to know

06 July 2021
New Products
Digital Taxation Monitor now on our Tax Research Platform (TRP)

We have recently created the Digital Taxation Monitor covering the taxation of digitalized economy. It will initially comprise of 60 country tables regarding current unilateral measures and VAT measures per country. It also covers the supranational discussions and measures adopted by the OECD, EU and UN. It follows-up on the current worldwide debate and possible agreement on the tax treatment of digitalized businesses and it will monitor the implementation per country of an eventual global solution.

13 July 2021
New Products
Tax Dossier on New VAT E-Commerce Rules for EU Member States Now Released

Our latest Tax Dossier, on the new VAT e-commerce rules for EU Member States, is now available on the home page of the IBFD Tax Research Platform!

20 July 2021
New Products
Enhanced Outline Filter functionality in our Table Comparison

A new and convenient selection filter has been added to our Table Comparisons on the Tax Research Platform. You can now focus on a particular section in a couple of clicks! 

For example, when you would like to focus on and compare the Transfer Pricing documentation requirements for various countries in the recently revamped Transfer Pricing Tables, simply untick the Select all box in the Outline Filter, and subsequently tick the box of section D, which is about documentation requirements.

08 September 2021
New Products
US State Corporate Tax Chapters Relaunched

We’re excited to announce the significant expansion of US State Corporate Tax chapters! These include important updates – most notably the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Wayfair economic nexus standards at US state level.



28 October 2021
New Products
Discover our 2021/22 product enhancements

We’ve made exciting improvements to our Tax Research Platform over the past 12 months, with enriched content and improved functionality.

19 November 2021
New Products
IBFD launches new Transfer Pricing Certificate

We are pleased to announce the launch of one of our most awaited Transfer Pricing (TP) certificate programmes.

10 January 2022
New Products
New and Forthcoming Books

The titles listed below are expected to be published during the course of 2021. Additional titles will be added as they become known. 

13 January 2022
New Products
Pillar One Now Covered in Our Digital Taxation Monitor

Covering the taxation of the digitalized economy in 60 countries, the Monitor now also addresses country positions on implementation of the Pillar One solution and the tax challenges that have arisen as a result.

17 January 2022
New Products
New and Unique: DAC6 Compliance Tables

These new tables provide comprehensive guidance on the DAC6 rules for reporting potentially aggressive cross-border tax planning arrangements and highlight the deviations in the implementation of those rules across EU Member States.

17 January 2022
New Products
New Commentary on EU Direct Tax

A new integrated commentary on EU direct tax is now available in the Global Topics collection of the Tax Research Platform (TRP). It explains the general rules and practical application of the various EU directives and initiatives on direct tax that affect individuals and organizations active within the European Union.