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If you are a tax practitioner looking to build your knowledge of Pillar Two, our self-paced online course ‘Fundamentals of the GloBe Rules - Pillar Two’ is the right fit for you!

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About the Programme

The Globe Anti Base Erosion Model (GloBE) Rules relate to the levying of a top-up tax under Pillar Two up to a minimum rate of 15%. This online tax course offers a solid introduction to the fundamental GloBE rules, and includes issues such as scope, the calculation of the top up taxes and the charging mechanisms. Some aspects of the determination of GloBE Income or Loss and adjusted covered taxes are also dealt with. The course is full of numerical examples and combines theory and practice.

Some of the modules covered in this programme are:

Module 1:

  • Scope and Top-Up Tax 
  • Introduction, consolidation under IFRS and different GAAPs
  • Scope; test of annual revenue in the consolidated financial statements; excluded entities and the extent of the exclusion
  • Effective tax rate calculation

Module 2:

  • The charging mechanism of the GloBE Rules; IIR and UTPR
  • Hierarchy of IIR paying entities

Module 3:

  • From consolidation to GloBE Income or GloBE Loss; other comprehensive income (OCI) 
  • Flow-through entities
  • Refundable tax credit

Module 4 :

  • Covered taxes to adjusted covered taxes
  • Allocation of taxes in case of permanent establishments
  • Deferred tax expense and calculation

Module 5:

  • The difference between a qualified and non-qualified domestic minimum top-up tax
  • Requirements for a QDMTT

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