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02 - 04 Apr 2019Transfer Pricing - Compliance and Audit Management in Southeast Asia

This course will provide you with the best practices for implementing global transfer pricing documentation. After this course, you will be up to speed on what to currently look out for when the tax authorities audit companies in certain countries.
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Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
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Transfer Pricing - Compliance and Audit Management in Southeast Asia
Overview and Learning Objectives
Many countries in Southeast Asia (e.g. India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand) have partially or fully implemented in their legislation the three-tiered standardized OECD approach to transfer pricing (TP) documentation or are planning to do so. With the efforts being made by various international organizations, legislators and tax authorities, it is now more important than ever for multinational corporations to have excellent TP documentation in place. Businesses need to relay current and accurate data that matches their business activities and operating model and that aligns with the tax profile presented to the authorities and the public. Penalties are due when the CbC report, Master File and Local File are not filed, not filed on time, or not filed correctly. Failure to comply may also trigger a TP audit and present a potential risk of TP adjustment. The goal is to minimize the risk of adjustments and penalties. In addition, the number of TP audits is growing. Given the increasing attention tax authorities around the world are paying to TP and the growing interest for international exchange of information, it may only be a matter of time before any multinational is subjected to a TP audit. Such audits may give rise to substantial risks and disputes, which makes proper preparation by multinationals crucial to managing these risks. Meanwhile, the OECD launched new projects on the transfer pricing of intra-group finance, as well as on the revision of TP practices concerning services and dispute prevention. These projects need to be closely monitored by the corporates. 
This three-day course is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge of the current developments in transfer pricing as well as TP compliance and audit management. On the first day, you will look at the state of play, background and context of the recently launched OECD projects. On Day 2 and Day 3, you will learn, among other things, (i) the who, what, when and how of preparing and filing the CbC report, Master File and Local File; (ii) how to make sure the information in the reports is aligned; and (iii) how technology can help you with that. Furthermore, you will be taken through the various stages of an audit, the potential outcomes and the remedies that can be chosen for a particular challenge. In addition, you will become aware of the importance of the first contact with the tax authorities in an audit, and you will be given a checklist on how to deal with compliance and TP audits in an efficient and effective way, so that you will be prepared for a TP audit in the future. This course will give you the tools to successfully engage with the tax authorities, now that they are increasingly exchanging information and coordinating their audit activities.
Field of Study
Who Should Attend?
The course is suitable for transfer pricing advisers, lawyers, accountants, in-house transfer pricing managers, controllers and finance staff.
Course Level and Prerequisites
This is an intermediate-level course. Participants taking this course will be expected to have a good understanding of transfer pricing principles.
  • Transfer Pricing Post-BEPS
  • New OECD Discussion Draft on TP Aspects of Financial Transactions Related to BEPS
  • New OECD Project To Revise the Guidance in Chapter VII of the OECD TPG, “Special Considerations for Intra-Group Services”
  • Setting the Scene: Compliance and TP Audits 
  • Compliance in Southeast Asia 
  • Case Study: Compliance 
  • Experiences of Compliance Issues in TP Audits in Southeast Asia
  • Managing TP Audits in an Efficient Way 
  • Case Study: TP Audit
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