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Online Courses Portfolio

  • Tax Treaties
    These courses help you gain a better understanding of tax treaties and enable you to:

    • Develop a comprehensive understanding of tax treaties and how to interpret and apply them
    • Identify the risks and opportunities associated with tax treaties
    • Better manage, advise and plan international affairs

    Tax Treaties Online Courses
    > Fundamentals of Tax Treaties (English, Chinese, Spanish)
    > Residence (English, Chinese)
    > Permanent Establishments (English, Chinese)
    > Employment and Related Income
    > Passive Income
    > Business Profits
    > Double Taxation Relief


    Indirect Taxation
    This course provides a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of value added taxes. It also examines the EU approaches and those taken by non-EU states. The course will help you to:

    • Understand the history of VAT and how it operates
    • Identify how VAT applies to international transactions of goods and services
    • Understand the impact of exemption of VAT
    • Categorize some of the more important administrative issues that VAT requires

    Indirect Taxation Online Course
    > Fundamentals of Value Added Tax


  • Corporate Taxation
    This online course outlines the importance of tax and non-tax considerations in international tax planning. In addition, the course will help you to:

    • Understand the important tax and non-tax considerations in international tax planning
    • Appreciate the common tax structures used in holding and financing activities
    • Identify the tax and non-tax drivers in supply chain restructuring
    • Evaluate ways to develop and exploit intangible property

    Corporate Taxation Online Course
    > International Tax Planning


    Transfer Pricing
    This course provides an overview of transfer pricing, one of the most important tax issues currently faced by multinational enterprises and tax administrations, and provides an overview of its legal framework. The course will also help you to:

    • Analyse a country’s legal framework for transfer pricing
    • Apply the arm's length principle in practice, based on the guidance provided in the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines
    • Appreciate mechanisms for avoidance and resolution of transfer pricing disputes, including advance pricing agreements, the mutual agreement procedure and arbitration (under the European Arbitration Convention and under Tax Treaties)

    Transfer Pricing Online Course
    > Fundamentals of Transfer Pricing