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FAQ - IBFD International Online Tax Courses

If you are registered or planning to register for an online course, this page answers questions you may have regarding study material, evaluation and accreditation, pricing, registration and technical concerns.
IBFD International Online Tax Courses


Study material

What study material do I get when following an online course?

Each course consists of a minimum of 8 hours of core study (including interactive multimedia lessons, quizzes, case studies and assignments), as well as additional (optional) further reading.

  • Access to course material is provided to each registrant for 12 months (from the month of ordering).
  • Course contents are divided into lessons covering topics in a logical and systematic way.
  • Key topics are complemented by video interviews and discussions with international experts.
  • For ease of reference, an electronic binder of course material is available for download.
What is the difference between a course and a lesson?

A course is made up of a number of lessons covering the topic.

Which courses are currently available?
Are the courses kept up to date?

To ensure accuracy of content, IBFD International Online Tax Courses are updated when necessary and submitted for review by a qualified online course assessor for technical accuracy.

Is it possible to ask questions during the course?

The online courses are interactive by nature, with quizzes and self-study assignments. You will receive immediate feedback on each question. If, however, on completion of the course, you are still unclear about a certain point covered in the course, you may send your question via email. A tax specialist from IBFD will address the question and within 5 working days you will receive a response.

Please note that the response may be slightly delayed, depending on the availability of the tax specialist at that time.

Evaluation and accreditation

Can I obtain CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits?

Course participants will receive a certificate of completion that includes the recommended CPE/CPD points/credits and the topics covered during the course. Participants should submit this certificate and any other information required to their relevant professional bodies to obtain CPE/CPD credits. For more information on CPE points and accreditation with regard to International Online Tax Courses, go to CPE points and accreditation.

If participants from our company complete a course, we would like to have evidence of what they have learned. Is there a final test?

All courses include revision quizzes covering the main course topics. Participants are given feedback throughout, and final results can be printed on completion. In addition, on completion of the course, participants can take a final test to assess what they have learned. They can then print out a personalized certificate of completion indicating the final test grade obtained.

Is a certificate provided?

Yes, a personalized certificate of completion can be printed by participants on completion of the course and the final test. The certificate indicates the hours spent on study and additional reading included in the course and can be submitted to professional bodies for CPE/CPD points/credits where applicable.

Pricing and access

How much does it cost?
  • IBFD members: 20% discount on standard price
  • Global Tax Explorer / Global Tax Explorer Plus: 10% discount on standard price
  • Single-course subscription: EUR 499 / USD 674 standard price
  • 5 registrations (or more): 20% discount on standard price

For larger orders, an enterprise deal can be arranged. Please contact Customer Support for more information. Note: discounts are not cumulative.

Each course registration is valid for one user and includes 12 months access to complete the course. Extension beyond the 12 months is not possible.

For how long do users have access to the courses?

Access to a course is valid for 12 months from the month of ordering. For ease of reference, an electronic binder of course material is available for download. 

Please note that if you are following the courses as part of an IBFD certification programme (e.g. APCIT), access period is for 6 months only.

Can I apply for an extension to the 12-month access period?

No extension beyond the 12 months will be possible.

Once I register for a course, do I get immediate access?

Once you register for a course you will receive your log in details within a couple of days and access will remain valid for 12 months.

How will my data be managed?

Please note that details of course participation are kept in our database system for a minimum of 5 years. Be assured that this information is for our files only and will not be issued to a third party. It may be that, for quality audits, participants are requested to answer a few questions about their experience with the courses. In such cases, participants will be contacted in advance and asked to give their permission.

Can I cancel an online course and be refunded?

Once you have been given access to an International Online Tax Course, a refund will no longer be possible.

Technical concerns


What software/hardware do I need?

In order to access the website and materials for International Online Tax Courses, you need a computer with the following:

  • Internet connection (recommended speed 256 Kbps or higher)
  • Google Chrome (other browsers, such as Firefox 3.0 or later, can also be used, but certain functions may be limited)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (can be downloaded for free at

Additionally, for IBFD International Online Tax Courses, you will need:

  • Sound card and speakers in order to render the audio in the presentations 
What if I need technical assistance?

Should you need technical assistance, please contact IBFD Customer Support.

We have bandwidth constraints in our country; will we have problems following the online courses?

The interactive online lessons may take a bit longer to load on lower Internet bandwidths. 

Trouble viewing the course quizzes

Please note that the revision quizzes might not function properly in Google Chrome. If you wish to use Google Chrome, you may need to install the IE tab to view them.

If you are using at least Internet Explorer (IE) 11, you may need to add the site to your compatibility view. To do this, please click “Tools” “Compatibility View settings” and add the site "”. You may need to then refresh your screen.

If, after following the above, you still experience problems with the quizzes, please contact IBFD Online Training at



Whom can I contact if I have questions?

For questions regarding the content, you can contact IBFD Online Tax Courses at