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FAQ - IBFD Certificate in GCC VAT


Study material

What are the components of IBFD’s Certificate in GCC VAT?

The programme consists of three components/phases:

  • Online Course: Fundamentals of Value Added Tax
  • 3-day live classroom Tax Course: Introduction to GCC VAT
  • A series of six IBFD Webinars
The combination of the online course, live classroom training and interactive webinars ensures a comprehensive yet cost-effective and time-efficient training format. The programme is interactive and gives professionals a thorough understanding of the relevant principles and concepts, as well as the skills to apply these principles in practice. In addition, IBFD provides supplementary documentation and reading materials.

Participants who have completed all three phases will receive the IBFD Certificate in GCC VAT.

Download full programme for more details on individual components and more.
I’m a government official. Why should I take the extra 2-day module?

For government officials, an extra 2-day live classroom module is available in addition to the 3 components mentioned above. This module is tailored for governments specifically and should be followed in combination with the other components of the programme.

The additional specialization for government officers enables participants to explore international good practices in VAT auditing, as well as the related organizational, institutional and management matters (including the adoption of high professional (ethical) standards). The curriculum includes sessions on the specifications of VAT fraud detection, audits and enforcement, covering their unique requirements, methodology and practicalities. Government officials will learn from seasoned VAT auditors and tax officers who can pass on their international experience to their fellow GCC colleagues in a practical and informal setting.

The 2-day live classroom module for government officials will follow directly after the 3-day live classroom course.

What is the difference between IBFD’s Certificate in GCC VAT and other IBFD training solutions on VAT?

The IBFD Certificate in GCC VAT is designed to help professionals with no previous VAT knowledge or experience to gradually build the skills they need to deal with VAT in the GCC in their professional environment through attending one single programme.

Other VAT trainings offered by IBFD usually cover one curriculum aspect of VAT, depending on the level of experience and knowledge of a professional.

What is the language of instruction?

All content is given in English.

Can I obtain CPE (continuing professional education) credits?

The programme or parts thereof may qualify for CPE credits with several professional bodies.

Pricing and access

How much does it cost?
Full Programme: IBFD Certificate in GCC VAT
  • Standard price: EUR 2,509 (USD 3,148)
  • Early-bird price: EUR 2,059 (USD 2,584); for registrations received 60 days or more before the commencement of the live-classroom course, 30% discount applies on phase 2 only
  • IBFD Members price: EUR 2,007 (USD 2,518); 20% discount on full programme
  • IBFD GTE (Plus) price: EUR 2,258 (USD 2,833); 10% discount on full programme
Government Option Full Programme: IBFD Certificate in GCC VAT (including additional 2-day classroom course Phase 2b)
  • Standard price: EUR 3,009 (USD 3,748)
  • Special discounts apply for groups/multiple registrations; please contact


Whom can I contact if I have questions or want to register?

For questions regarding the curriculum of the IBFD Certificate in GCC VAT, please contact Tamás Kulcsár, Program Manager, at
For practical questions or registrations, you can contact IBFD Tailored Courses at

Other questions
For specific questions related to the various components of the Certificate such as technical requirements, accreditations and availability, please check our FAQs.
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