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Using the Information

Using the Information



At the bottom of your screen there is a special print function available which enables you to print selected text, page(s) or the entire chapter of the document that you are viewing.

Exporting to Microsoft Office and PDF
  • All Quick Reference Tables (e.g. Country Key Features, Transfer Pricing tables) now contain a possibility to export a table to Excel by simply clicking on the Excel button in the tool bar.
  • Selected text, a section or an entire chapter of a Country Survey, Country Analysis or Topical Analysis chapter can be exported to Word using the Word button in the tool bar.
  • All documents, with the exception of online books, can be exported to PDF. To do this, click on the "PDF" button on the tool bar at the bottom of the page. 
Cite this

Generate a precise, standardized citation of IBFD documents by clicking on the “Cite this” button in the bottom toolbar. Note that this is currently available for the most collections on the IBFD Tax Research Platform. 

Creating historical documents

When you use the 'Export to Word' option on the toolbar, you not only have the information ready for easy further processing, but you can also create an historical document for future research. Whether you save a selected text, a document or an entire chapter, at the end of the Word file the author, publication and date you accessed the information are always shown. Please note that this feature is currently only available for the Country Surveys. Other collections will follow.

Downloading the Daily and Weekly TNS in PDF format

Do you prefer to read IBFD's Tax News Service on a weekly basis? Or just print the news of the day? A daily or weekly version of TNS in a reader-friendly layout is now available in print!

  • Just go to the "News" collection on the IBFD Tax Research Platform.
  • Click on the PDF button on the bottom bar in your screen, and select "Daily TNS", or "Weekly TNS". This will generate a PDF of the news of either the last 12 hours or of the past week.
  • Then simply save or print the PDF. This feature is available for all TNS subscribers.