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Pay-per-view FAQ


What is Pay-per-view?

Gain immediate access to a wealth of information not covered by your subscription, but pay only for the journal article(s) you need.

With pay-per-view you can buy individual articles from IBFD’s world renowned journal article collection.


How can I access Pay-per-view for journal articles?

There are three ways to select your articles:

1. IBFD Journal Article Abstracts on

Browse our journal articles via the IBFD Journal Article Abstracts and choose the article(s) relevant to your research. You can purchase the selected article by clicking on the order button.

2. IBFD Tax Research Platform:

If you have access to the IBFD Tax Research Platform you can also purchase an article directly from the Platform if it is published in a journal you do not subscribe to. Note: the option “My subscription only” must be unchecked when browsing. Clients holding a subscription to Global Tax Explorer (Plus) benefit from a 10% discount on the article price.

3. IBFD Library Catalogue:

Browse the library catalogue to purchase a single article by clicking on the order link.

What collections are available as Pay-per-view purchase?

Single articles from all IBFD Journal titles are available for Pay-per-view.

How can I tell if an article is not already part of my subscription?

When you are logged on, browsing the Tax Research Platform, the Platform automatically recognizes which content is already part of your subscription. Articles that are not part of your subscription and that are available for purchase appear with an “Order Article” purchase button. The button does not appear for content that is part of your subscription.

How much time do I have to download the article I just purchased?

As soon as your credit card payment is finalized, an email is sent to the email address you have provided. The email contains a unique link for each article you have purchased. You have 48 hours to download the PDF of the article.

Can I share the article with my colleagues?

No. Each PDF grants access to the purchased content for one person. It is forbidden to share these PDF articles. If you wish to buy an article for several users, you can update the quantity for each article in your cart.

What are the methods of payment available?

You can purchase Pay-per-view articles by credit card payment.

How much does Pay-per-view cost?
Article type  EUR USD
 Single article from any IBFD journal titles
(with the exception of World Tax Journal)
 30  40
 Single article from the World Tax Journal  50  65