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Transition to the Revised IBFD Tax Research PlatformApr-29-2019

Access to former Tax Research Platform ends 15 May


In February, we introduced the completely revised IBFD Tax Research Platform, which offers a simplified international tax research experience for practitioners that is more intuitive, efficient and effective. The revised platform provides a seamless experience across mobile and desktop, improved design and navigation, and new functionality.
To allow for a smooth transition, we have maintained both the former and revised platforms since February. In addition to the enhancements introduced in February, over the last several months and into the first two weeks of May, we have been and will continue to be busy fine-tuning functionality, including: 


  • Comparison features: compare different documents and tables, including the Withholding Rates Tables, side by side and generate table comparisons from the document level.
  • Tools and action functionality: many tools can now be generated straight from the search and result list or from the relevant document. Tools and actions include Treaty Article Export, Treaty Status Monitor and much more.
  • Filters: detailed search filters, including at the national/subnational level, help to distinguish information in Country Key Features and Country Surveys and offer the ability to filter by EU Member States/OECD member countries.
  • Webinars and online courses: available through the Online Tax Training site of the Tax Research Platform.
With all functionality soon to be present in the revised version of the IBFD Tax Research Platform, we will end access to the former platform on 15 May.


Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive knowledge base in international taxation with one simple and intuitive interface that empowers clients to quickly access and use the information they need. Transitioning to a new platform has been an extremely important step towards achieving this goal. 


If you are a subscriber and have not already moved to the revised platform (, we encourage you to get started, or watch the video to make yourself familiar with the new interface. If you require assistance with the revised platform, look at our Help file or contact the sales team to arrange a training.


If you are not currently a subscriber, take a free trial and discover why the IBFD Tax Research Platform is a must for any tax professional working internationally.