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Stay Abreast of Current BEPS-Related Legislative Changes Oct-03-2016

BEPS country monitor with compare tool 

Our new BEPS Country Monitor with Compare Tool, covering 50 countries, helps you stay abreast of the BEPS-related legislative changes taking place in the jurisdictions of relevance to you. It details the latest BEPS developments and implementation status per Action Point and country in a succinct, tabular format, making it the perfect starting point for reviewing current tax structures and anticipating future BEPS-related changes that will impact your daily practice. 

Available as part of our Quick Reference Tables collection, the BEPS Country Monitor allows you to review the current situation for 50 countries. It provides you with a status update on the implementation of the recommendations for each Action Point, as well as links to all BEPS-related information in our other publications – such as TNS reports, journal articles and all relevant background content on legislation found in our Regional and Topical collections. In addition, links to the original OECD and EU reports and related documents are provided in dedicated organization tables. The OECD table also includes links to BEPS information in our International Tax Structuring collection, giving you a comprehensive overview of the impact of BEPS Actions on specific transactions.


Screenshots and examples
In the Tools section, under Country Tables Comparison, select the BEPS Country Monitor Comparison Table from the drop-down list.

BEPS Country Monitor Comparison Tool screenshot 1 

Select specific countries or all 50 economies worldwide, then choose whether you require EU Member States or OECD member countries, and submit your selection. 
BEPS Country Monitor Comparison tool screenshot 2

After having selected your countries, choose specific Action Points or all Action Points and submit your selection to generate your custom table. The table provides you with the status, developments and analysis of each Action Point per country.

BEPS Country Monitor Comparison tool screenshot 3


Where additional supporting information is available, you can access it by clicking the yellow information button to open the full document, then the "See also" function, which will enable you to view other related information.

BEPS Country Monitor Comparison tool - screenshot 4