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Simplified Treaty Article Export FunctionalityOct-28-2019

Exporting articles taken from different income and capital tax treaties has now become even simpler. Take a moment to see how it works.


Exporting treaty articles is only supported for income and capital tax treaty articles. If you now accidentally select treaties that are not income and capital treaties or only available in PDF format, these will automatically be disregarded and, as a result, not block your export.


Although it is not necessary, you may still want to preselect the following filters for a smooth export: select “Income/Capital” in the “Treaty Subject” filter (Image 1), click “More filters” (Image 2) and select “Treaty” (Image 3) in the “Document Type” filter of the Treaties & Models collection. To limit the number of treaties further, you can select “In Force” in the “Treaty Status” filter and “English” in the “Language” filter (Image 4). From this preselection stage, you can use the “Country” and “Related Country” filters to create a list of treaties from which you want to export certain treaty articles. If you would like to do this on a recurring basis, we strongly advise you to save the preselection under your Favourites with the name “Treaty Article Export” (Images 5 and 6). This saves you important time when you want to export treaty articles in a future session.


When you have applied your “Country” and “Related Country” filters, please check the boxes next to the treaties (or check the box at the top to select all) from which you want to export certain treaty articles, and subsequently select “Export treaty articles” in the Action menu at the top left of the result list (Image 7). A window will open enabling you to select the treaty article(s) of your choice and exporting these to PDF (Image 8) or Excel format. The maximum export is limited to 25 documents.
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