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Search Support Panel offers related document linksJun-05-2020

Searches on certain terms in the IBFD Platform will now provide you with suggestions to related document links as well as definitions and synonyms from the IBFD Glossary.
Assume your search relates to information about the Multilateral Instrument (MLI) and you execute a search with the term "MLI", a panel will show at the top of the result list providing you with a list of suggested documents.
In this case, a document link takes you to the corresponding OECD Multilateral Convention and the Tax Dossier IBFD has created on this topic. In addition, we offer you an inroad to the definition and possible synonyms from the IBFD Glossary.
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These suggested document links will show for a great number of EU Directives (ATAD, Parent-Subsidiary Directive, EU VAT Directive, etc.), and OECD, UN and US Models.