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Quickly View and Compare Historical Tax DataSep-25-2018

As a tax practitioner, you may need to deal with tax issues from the past due to protracted litigation procedures. For topics such as the Country Key Features and important Quick Reference Tables on the IBFD Tax Research Platform, you can access historical versions, based on the date that a change in the law became effective, via the Historical Tax Archives tool.


Historical Tax Archives


Additionally, you can view a historical document and compare it with its current version or any other past version, making it possible to analyse changes across different time periods. 


List Compare


Compare Versions


Please note that the availability of historical versions depends on how often changes are made in a country’s legislation. The Key Features and other Quick Reference Tables cover the main characteristics of a tax system, which may change annually in some countries but not as regularly in others.
You can order our Historical Tax Archives together with the relevant online collection of your choice or as an add-on to your existing subscription.