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Quick access to Tax Glossary termsMay-14-2020

Next to free text search suggestions from the IBFD Tax Glossary, you now can also look up terms in the entire Glossary.


Quick access to the definitions of terms from the IBFD Tax Glossary through free text search suggestions has been complemented with access to the entire Glossary.
When typing a term in the free text search box of the IBFD Platform, we offer a panel with matching terms from the IBFD Tax Glossary. By clicking the suggested term, you not only get the most relevant results for that term, but also a panel with the definition coming from the Glossary and its synonyms and related terms.
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In addition to this functionality, we have made the entire Glossary available through a separate application. It is accessible through a button on the top right hand of the Search page next to the Help button (see the below screenshot). 
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The main part of the Glossary enables you to look up a term by typing or by using the letters from the alphabet and scrolling down the list of terms. Please note that the search box only returns terms covered in the Glossary. This is the same for the other sections Organizations & Treaties (relating to international taxation) and Business Entities (listing of business forms in major jurisdictions).


The Courts section consists of an overview in PDF of the main courts and judicial and administrative bodies that deal with tax cases in major jurisdictions.


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