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New Search Option for Tax Treaties DatabaseSep-25-2018

We have introduced a new search option on the IBFD Tax Research Platform that makes it possible to search for bilateral/multilateral tax treaties individually. 
You can find this new Bilateral/Multilateral search option in the left-hand column under the search box. It allows you to generate a clear overview of bilateral or multilateral treaties individually. Selecting either “Bilateral” or “Multilateral” will give you a filtered list of all the relevant treaties on our Tax Research Platform. The result can also be further refined by, for example, region, organization or language.


Bilateral Multilateral


For example, you can use this search option to generate a list of all multilateral treaties to which a given country is party.  You can refine the results even further by selecting “Treaty Subject” in combination with “Multilateral” and/or “Language”. The search below results in the two multilateral agreements to which Peru is party (the OECD Multilateral Convention (MLI) and the Andean Convention): 


Peru Multilateral


A similar search including the document type “Multilateral Instrument” will offer up a list of all of Peru’s treaties that may be impacted by the MLI: 


Peru MLI