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IBFD Tax Research Platform Completely RevisedFeb-04-2019

New IBFD Tax Research Platform


New IBFD Platform will empower tax professionals with a significantly more efficient and effective international tax research experience


We are very pleased to announce a completely revised version of our Tax Research Platform that has been redesigned and enhanced to ensure a simplified international tax research experience for practitioners that is more intuitive, efficient and effective. This complete overhaul of the IBFD Platform is its largest redesign and it provides a seamless experience across mobile and desktop.


What can clients expect?


More intuitive: The design and navigation have been significantly improved by aligning with commonly known and proven interface design standards for all types of devices.


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More efficient: The new IBFD Platform is not only fast, but the detailed search filters and superior functionality empower clients to quickly access and use the relevant information they need. Easy, streamlined access to actions, personalization settings and comparison functionality helps boost productivity.
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More effective: Several enhanced features, such as support for having multiple documents open at one time, enable clients to navigate more efficiently between different sets of information, wherever they go, no matter what device they are using.
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