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IBFD Launches the MLI Country MonitorNov-03-2017

Multilateral Instrument (MLI)


Quickly and easily determine the positions taken by signatories to the Multilateral Instrument with IBFD’s new MLI Country Monitor.


IBFD is pleased to announce that its Tax Research Platform has been expanded with the launch of the MLI Country Monitor, a tool that provides a country-by-country status overview of the positions taken by the signatories to the Multilateral Instrument (MLI). The MLI Country Monitor offers single-country tables combined with side-by-side views comparing the positions of multiple countries on an article-by-article basis, including deep links to the corresponding MLI article or provision in the Reservations and Notifications document of an MLI signatory.
Right on time, as 5 countries are expected to have ratified the MLI by the end of November 2017, meaning that the MLI will enter into force 3 months after that. With the most accurate and up-to-date information, the MLI Country Monitor provides international tax professionals with a quick and easy way to identify and compare the implementation of the MLI and its potential impact on their specific tax treaty network, by matching information from the MLI positions of signatories.
Additionally, all the intuitive features of the Tax Research Platform can be used with the MLI Country Monitor, such as exporting the information to Excel, PDF or Word to be reviewed later, or saving the table or comparison as a favourite that can easily be viewed the next time you access the Platform.
Screenshots and examples
The MLI Country Monitor can be accessed via the shortcuts, which will take you directly to the tool, or via the Quick Reference Tables collection.
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Use the MLI Country Monitor to create a custom table comparing different countries’ positions on each article, with links to the corresponding articles.


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For a complete list of publications and packages that include the MLI Country Monitor, please contact IBFD at