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Global Overview of COVID-19 Tax Measures Jun-08-2020

Check the COVID-19 tax measures adopted by governments worldwide with the help of the new COVID-19 Tax Monitor.


The new COVID-19 Tax Monitor tables give an overview of COVID-19 tax measures taken by governments worldwide, following a standard outline. The tables provide brief descriptions of the measures, with references to their legal status (proposed, implemented, etc.). The tables contain links to the latest Tax News Service reports about a specific measure, explaining further details and providing references to earlier news reports about the measure.
With the help of the Table Comparison functionality, you can generate a worldwide overview of the COVID-19 tax measures or one only for the countries of your interest. In the overview, you can easily view a corresponding news report or open it directly.
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The COVID-19 Tax Monitor tables are updated when new COVID-19 tax measures or changes occur.
News reports on all COVID-19 measures (including those that have expired and are therefore not covered in the tables) can also be accessed directly on the Tax Research Platform.