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Easy Outline Filter in Table Comparison Aug-18-2020

Zooming in on specific topics when researching multiple tax systems is now possible with the Outline Filter in any Table Comparison.


The Outline Filter enables you to select a particular section or sections from the standard table outline after you have created a Table Comparison for two or more countries. It helps you to zoom in on particular aspects of multiple tax systems and see whether these, for example, require different compliance measures. The selections made can also be exported to Excel or added to your Favourites for recurring use.


The functionality is a great time saver and further contributes to your internal and external reporting efficiency. 
How does it work?
• The Outline Filter button is located at the top of the Table Comparison, next to the Navigation button.
• After opening the Outline Filter, you may expand any section and tick any box. The Table Comparison adjusts instantly. You may also type a term in the search box to find the corresponding outline section.
• Ticking the cross at the top right makes the filter fold again.
• The Actions menu provides the usual export and Favourites functionality.
• To see the complete Table Comparison again, just refresh your page (F5).
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