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Easy Country Chapter Comparison Apr-24-2019

Comparing different country chapters is significantly easier on the revised IBFD Tax Research Platform.
Suppose you are interested in comparing two similar chapters for the Netherlands and Germany. You can do so in just a few steps, as follows:


  • 1. First, open the two documents that you would like to compare. Go to the Country Tax Guides on the Tax Research Platform and select the Collection title for which you want to compare country chapters, for example Country Analyses, from the filter on the left.
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2. With the help of the Country filter, select the Netherlands and Germany by checking the boxes and then open the documents Netherlands – Corporate Taxation and Germany – Corporate Taxation from the result list. Notice that after opening these two documents, the Document drop-down menu at the top shows the titles of both documents.





3. From the Document drop-down menu, you can activate a comparison of the two documents by checking the boxes of these documents and subsequently clicking the Compare icon to create a side-by-side comparison.



4. By opening the top navigation panel in the side-by-side view, you can zoom in on a specific section (e.g. section 7 – International Aspects), which will show the same section in both documents for easy comparison.


5. Note that the side-by-side view is automatically added to the Document drop-down menu and that you may add this view to your Favourites or print it via the top right-hand action menu.