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Comparing a treaty with the OECD or UN Model now even quickerJul-29-2019

Comparing a treaty with the latest OECD Model or UN Model has become even quicker than before. Read for a minute and start saving time with this helpful functionality.
Each treaty document on the IBFD Platform contains a See also tab at the top left, which gives you access to related documents, such as the OECD and UN Models. So, if you have opened a treaty that you would like to compare with the OECD Model or UN Model, just click that link. It will take you to a location in the document where you can activate the comparison by just ticking the box of the OECD Model Convention (2017), for example, and clicking the Compare button. The side-by-side view will appear on your screen, with a Navigation menu per document.
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Please note that this comparison remains available in the Document drop-down menu as well and, for example, can be added to your Favourites.