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BEPS awareness may determine the future of your business!May-29-2018

BEPS awareness may determine the future of your business
Governments are continuing to make swift progress in bringing their tax regimes in compliance with the OECD/G20 BEPS standards to improve the international tax framework.

In our continued efforts to give you the latest and most comprehensive BEPS information, we have further expanded our BEPS Country Monitor with an additional 18 countries!

In one overview, you can easily compare by country, organization or action point, with detailed comments on implementation and recommendations. Links to country analyses and topical analyses provide you with additional background on jurisdictions to support your research and business decisions.

Read further to see how our array of information could help you navigate the complex world of BEPS.
Case study
Assume you are the tax manager of a multinational enterprise with its headquarters in Denmark. The enterprise has subsidiaries in Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Kenya, Singapore and Thailand. As a tax manager, you are aware of the delivery of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) final package, and you are concerned whether such measures were implemented in the countries where the enterprise operates.
Specifically, you are focused on the implementation of Action 1 (Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy) and Action 13 (Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country-by-Country Reporting). For an overview of the implementation of specific BEPS recommendations, the BEPS Country Monitor is a useful starting point.
Starting with Action 13, one of the first matters to examine is the transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting requirements in Denmark. This information can easily be found in the BEPS Country Monitor, as seen below.
BEPS Country Monitor screenshot

As a further step, one needs to consider the transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting requirements in the other countries where the enterprise operates. The BEPS Country Monitor provides you with the possibility to see side-by-side, using a comparison tool, the implementation status of specific BEPS recommendations.

BEPS Country Monitor Comparison tool

The BEPS Country Monitor is also interlinked with other collections available on IBFD’s Tax Research Platform that may aid the user in case further information is needed. In addition, the BEPS Country Monitor is interlinked with TNS reports.

 BEPS Country Monitor interlinked with other collections
When doing research on the implementation of Action 1, some users could be interested in more than the implementation of the recommendations included in the 2015 Action 1 Report, since many areas of the taxation of  the digital economy are still unfinished. In this situation, the double special issue “International Tax Policy in a Disruptive Environment” of the Bulletin for International Taxation will provide the user with several articles that examine the most politically pressing issues in the international tax system, including the different approaches to taxing the digital economy.