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On accessing the IBFD Tax Research Platform, how do I know that all the information I have subscribed to, is there?

When you enter your log on details and access the IBFD Tax Research Platform, the system verifies your entry and shows you exactly all the collections that are part of your subscriptions.

What is the importance of the IBFD Tax Research Platform for me as an IBFD Member?

The IBFD Tax Research Platform is an enormous breakthrough for IBFD Members because it integrates virtually all IBFD products to which an IBFD Member has access in one front-end. So, in practice, you no longer have to switch between stand-alone databases to find the information that is relevant to you. We are aware that you may wish to use only specific information from the IBFD Tax Research Platform. That is why we have introduced the option to create personal Research Profiles. By setting a Research Profile as default view, the next time you access the IBFD Tax Research Platform your personalized Research Profile will be shown on default. Obviously, you are able to change your default settings anytime.