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User training and support

In addition to the in-depth help file information below, we can provide you with user training for the tax research platform. Furthermore, our Customer Support and Sales Team can offer support.


General information


I cannot log on to the IBFD Tax Research Platform

Please contact Customer Support

What is the IBFD Tax Research Platform?

The IBFD Tax Research Platform is the front-end access to all IBFD products which allows you to view all information related to your subscriptions at once. Within the Platform, the contents of your subscriptions are clearly arranged in different information collections, such as News, IBFD’s various levels of country descriptions (e.g. Country Key Features, Country Surveys and Country Analyses), Treaties, Topical Analyses, EU Law and Case Law. 

Why are the specific IBFD collections integrated in one front-end publication, the IBFD Tax Research Platform?

The majority of our clients make use of more than one IBFD collection. Extensive client research has shown that our customers prefer to access the documents within these IBFD products in one front-end. The IBFD Tax Research Platform offers just that. It saves users the inconvenience of switching between databases. The IBFD Platform has an easy-to-use search menu on the left, which enables you to drill down to the specific documents you are looking for. Accessing the generic information collections (e.g. Country Surveys, Treaties, ECJ Case Law, etc.) in the middle frame will provide you with more specialized search dimensions in the menu on the left.

How do I know which IBFD collections are part of the IBFD Tax Research Platform?

All IBFD collections are now part of the IBFD Tax Research Platform. You can look up an overview of all your subscriptions and trials by visiting the IBFD Tax Portal page and logging on under "Log on" (in the menu on the top right-hand side). If you click on My  Account (also on the top right-hand side) after logging on, you will be taken to the "My Account" page where you can click on "Subscription overview". 

Complete list of IBFD collections and their explanatory text

Please  see a complete overview of all the information currently in the IBFD Tax Research Platform. 

View a list of all the online collections currently available.