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Unscheduled72nd Congress of the International Fiscal Association

IFA Korea has the opportunity to introduce Korean taxation by hosting the 72nd IFA Congress, which is the second congress to be held in the Eastern Asian region. Through this special occasion, IFA members will be able to witness considerable growth in the international taxation field in Korea, as well as in Asia.
IBFD attended event, Conference/Seminar
Seoul - Republic of Korea
72nd Congress of the International Fiscal Association
IFA 2018 Seoul
Since its establishment in March 1979, Coex has created a forum of international exchange through hosting global exhibitions and international summits. Its superb location and facilities have allowed Coex to become the leader in the Korean convention and exhibition industry.  Seoul, for the second consecutive year, has been the third most popular destination in the world, after hosting 526 international meetings in the period May 2016 to June 2017.
Participants, as well as accompanying persons, will also enjoy a wide variety of social events and tours throughout (and, in certain cases, beyond) this beautiful city.
This year's main subjects are:
  • Seeking anti-avoidance measures of general nature and scope – GAAR and other rules
  • Withholding tax in the era of BEPS, CIVs and the digital economy
This year's seminars are:
  • Effectiveness of anti-tax avoidance mechanisms (including limitations on benefits)
  • Alternatives to resolving tax disputes – evolving experience and possible developments
  • Limits of tax jurisdiction – non-traditional “business presence”
  • Tax incentives to attract foreign direct investments without eroding the tax base
  • IFA/EU
  • Recent developments in international taxation
  • Regional government officials’ seminar
  • Recent international VAT/GST issues from the perspective of basic principles included in the OECD’s international VAT/GST guidelines
We very much look forward to seeing all of you in Seoul!