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Be Part of the IBFD Tax Community

By joining, you can give your opinion on subjects that directly involve your expertise, for instance, in evaluating the courses we offer and the information we supply or answering questions about a new business area we wish to develop. Your input will help us improve our products and services to meet your needs and wishes.

How does the Tax Community work?

Experts who take part in the Community will be invited approximately once a quarter by email to take part in a short survey, which will take a few minutes of your time. You are not required to participate in every survey we send to you, and you can answer the questions whenever it suits you best.

What does the Tax Community offer you?

  • Summary of the results after the survey has been completed
  • Gifts (e.g. a book) to chosen participants in some cases
  • Better information coverage, and improved functionalities and services by IBFD as a result of your input

Are you interested?