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Mlondie Mohale

Mlondie Mohale heads up the international transactions function within the Eswatini Revenue Authority where he has devoted 90 percent of his audit practice ever since the inception of the authority. As a practitioner in applied tax law, he is responsible for developing a range of mitigation strategies within the Eswatini Revenue Authority’s international focus, managing domestic and international responsibilities and addressing corporate tax base erosion and profit shifting. Having started with an audit firm, Mr. Mohale discovered his passion was developing his career to manage the transfer pricing and treaty audit regime within the Eswatini Revenue Authority, advising and providing technical assistance on transfer pricing audits, treaty analyses and dispute resolution. In a broader international context, his recent activities involve guiding teams through the reality of tax transparency, thanks to which Eswatini - being a member of the Global Forum – has further committed to signing up to the Inclusive Framework. Mr. Mohale has participated in a number of international conferences.