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Jan van Koningsveld

Jan van Koningsveld is the director of the Offshore Kenniscentrum (Offshore Knowledge Centre) in the Netherlands, which focuses on understanding the financial offshore world, money laundering and tax evasion in relation with misuse of offshore entities. Mr van Koningsveld has over 25 years of practical experience in this field. 

From 1986 till 2011 he worked for the Fiscal Information and Investigation Department of the Dutch tax authorities, where he was involved in preparing and conducting criminal investigations into e.g. tax fraud, investment fraud, corruption, bankruptcy and money laundering. On behalf of the Dutch government, he was involved in the execution of laws and regulations about tax information exchange agreements (TIEAs) with tax havens. For the Dutch delegation, he was a researcher in the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) and co-authored the report “Misuse of corporate vehicles” (2006). In 2010, he worked as a consultant for the World Bank in Washington DC to investigate misuse of corporate vehicles in grand corruption cases. This investigation resulted in the publication of the report “The puppet masters” (2011). 

Furthermore, he teaches students of the Police Academy, the Dutch Financial Intelligence Unit and several (Dutch) banks about the risks of transactions with offshore companies. Mr Koningsveld has a law degree from the University of Amsterdam and, in 2015, finished his PhD at the University of Tilburg focusing on the nature and extent of the abuse of offshore companies by Dutch residents. Currently, he is finalizing a report for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about tax avoidance by mining companies in developing countries. His particular strength is the combination of current practical experience and legal and academic knowledge.