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Jan Karol Szczepański

Dr Jan Karol Szczepański is a former postdoctoral research fellow at IBFD, where he focused on several issues in international and European tax law. He holds a doctoral degree in Law (summa cum laude) from Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań (Poland), and a classical Master’s in Law (summa cum laude) from the same university.

Dr Szczepański was awarded several prestigious individual research grants, such as the “Preludium” Prae-Doc Research Grant from the National Science Centre of Poland for the project entitled “Taxation of cross-border inheritances and gifts”, and the Prae-Doc/Post-Doc mobility research grant from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the project entitled “A need to build a common OECD Model Tax Convention on income and capital, inheritance and gift taxes?”. He also obtained various merit-based scholarships, including the Ernst Macht Weltweit scholarship (OeAD) in Austria and DAAD scholarships in Germany.

Before joining the IBFD Academic Department, he gained experience in research in comparative, European and international tax law during his research stays, including at the Institut für Steuerrecht, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn (Germany), Lehrstuhl für Schweizerisches und Internationales Steuerrecht, Universität Zürich (Switzerland), and Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). He recently conducted his research at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, WU Wien (Austria), as Ernst Macht Weltweit Fellow and later as Mobility Plus Guest Postdoctoral Research Fellow.  

His publications include a book in Polish translated as “Taxation of Cross-Border Inheritances and Gifts”. He is also the author of other relevant academic contributions in international tax law journals, such as Intertax, European Taxation, and British Tax Review as well as reputable Polish journals, such as Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczy i Socjologiczny, Zeszyty Naukowe Sądownictwa Administracyjnego, and Kwartalnik Prawa Podatkowego.

Dr Szczepański has also taught undergraduate and graduate courses at universities in Poland, which dealt with national, European and international tax law.