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Isabel Verlinden

Isabel Verlinden
Isabel Verlinden is a Brussels-based International Tax Partner heading up PwC’s Global Transfer Pricing practice. She has gathered first-hand knowledge of the TP challenges faced by companies that operate across the globe in over 25 years of working for PwC (and its legacy Firms) in Brussels and Washington, DC. She has also been the co-author of IBFD’s Transfer Pricing chapter on Belgium for more than a decade.

For many years, Ms Verlinden has helped prominent global companies in a vast array of industries navigating the pitfalls of cross-border transactions where domestic rules lack coherence and consistency and fall short in adapting to the rapidly evolving world marked by technological advancement. Her work often entails ensuring upfront certainty through advance pricing agreements or seeking effective means to alleviate double taxation.

As part of her network role, Ms Verlinden oversees PwC’s input vis-à-vis the OECD in all TP-related matters. She is also one of the 18 appointed non-government members at the European Commission’s Joint Transfer Pricing Forum. She is an active writer for international tax and business periodicals, has (co-)authored more than 100 articles and books, and is often invited as a speaker by academia and events organizers. Ms Verlinden holds master’s degrees in Applied Economics (Major International Business Affairs), Financial Economics (Major Taxation) and Commercial and Financial Sciences (Major Accountancy).