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Ian Young

Ian Young
Ian Young is adviser to the Board of CFE Tax Advisers Europe with regard to taxpayer charters and rights. He is leading a CFE project called Taxpayer Charters without Borders to promote the role of taxpayer charters in different countries around the world and to identify best practices.
Ian was a member of the UK government’s Charter Advisory Committee from 2009 when it was set up to monitor the new UK Your Charter. From 2013 until 2016 he was its chair. Ian was also chair of the working group that drafted the current version of the UK Your Charter, which was published in early 2016.


Ian was a member of the working group of the International Chamber of Commerce that drafted the ICC Tax Charter, which was formally approved by the ICC Board and published in 2018.
He has spoken about taxpayer charters and rights at the UN Tax Committee and at the International Taxpayer Rights Conferences.