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Antti Laukkanen

Antti Laukkanen
Antti Laukkanen was a postdoctoral research fellow at IBFD Academic. Until the end of 2015, Dr Laukkanen also worked as Acting CEO of a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer (SME) in Finland and as Chair of its subsidiary in Dalian, China.

Dr Laukkanen earned his PhD at the Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki and his doctoral dissertation, “Taxation of Investment Derivatives,” was published in IBFD’s Doctoral Series in 2007. His research interests also included offshore tax incentives within the European Union, low-tax countries and tax policy issues. In addition to working at IBFD, he has been a visiting scholar at the University of Michigan Law School and a tax researcher in Helsinki, Stockholm and Madeira.

His main business interests concern supply chain tax management, restructuring and long-term company development. Apart from tax, his professional experience includes general management, finance and production in several industries, many of them located in free trade zones.