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Video Interviews: IBFD Services

IBFD is a leading provider of cross-border tax expertise. Operating as an independent foundation, IBFD serves Fortune 500 companies, governments, international consultancy firms and tax advisers. Renowned as the authoritative portal for cross-border tax expertise, with a long-standing history in supporting and contributing to tax research and academic activities, IBFD utilizes its global network of tax experts and its Knowledge Centre to remain at the forefront of global tax information.


IBFD offers clients a wide variety of high-quality services that enable them to find the optimum solution to their tax needs. Watch the video interviews below to learn more about the various services that IBFD offers.

Tax Research Services 


IBFD's Tax Research Services
Belema Obuoforibo - Director IBFD Knowledge Centre













IBFD's Africa and Middle East Knowledge Group
Ridha Hamzaoui - Regional Manager Africa and Middle East Knowledge Group












IBFD's Global Knowledge Group
Victor Chew - Principal Research Associate, Global Knowledge Group












IBFD's VAT Knowledge Group
Fabiola Annacondia - Manager, VAT Knowledge Group











Government Consultancy  


Government Consultancy Services
Victor van Kommer - Executive Director, Tax Services












Government Consultancy Services
Project history and experience
Victor van Kommer - Executive Director, Tax Services