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Tax Research Tools

IBFD is increasingly introducing easy-to-use tools which help you do your research more quickly and efficiently. Export functionality to MS Excel or MS Word enables answering client requests or filing for internal purposes.Please find below a list of the tools that we offer on the IBFD Tax Research Platform or as an additional service.


Note: you only have access to tools which are part of your subscription. Instructions on how to use the tools can be found in the Video Demo Section and the Tax Research Platform help section.


Comtax Basic Calculation Tool

Comtax® Basic, a tool developed by IBFD's partner Comtax AB, helps calculate cross-border transactions to and from 131 countries worldwide. It takes all tax costs into account for up to two intermediary countries, using dividends, interest, royalties or fees. The tool is supported by a reference database which links subscribers back to IBFD's surveys and treaties for further detail.
Please note: this tool is only available to subscribers of the product Comtax® Basic.

Country Chapters Comparison

Users can compare corresponding sections of two country chapters, which are written in a common outline. An ideal tool for comparative tax research.

Country Tables Comparison

IBFD has grouped a number of different country comparison tables in one easy-to-use tool that helps you select the table of your interest.

The following country comparison tables are currently available:

Country Key Features Comparison Table
Country-by-country overview of the corporate and individual tax rates, including the rates relating to residents and non-residents. For a number of countries this is also possible at subnational level.

EU VAT Rates Table

Overview of the VAT rates applied by EU Member States for goods, products and services, including standard and reduced VAT rates, generally applied VAT rates and VAT rates applied to labour-intensive services.

Global Mobility Comparison Table
A convenient and concise overview of tax rates for short-term and long-term assignments, statutory deadlines such as for the filing of tax returns and payment of taxes, employer's obligations, special regimes and exemptions and other important assignment-related issues.

Holding Companies Comparison Table

This comparison table provides a quick overview of the tax and legal aspects of holding companies from their formation to their liquidation. The table covers taxation of corporate income, dividends, interest, royalties and capital gains and holding related treaty, EU directives and anti-avoidance matters..

Tax Compliance Tables

Overview of filing and payment details, as well as obligations and deadlines per country for both individual and corporate taxation. It also covers essential information related to dispute resolution, such as interests and penalties. 

Outbound Payments Comparison Table
Table to compare the corporate or individual tax rates on outbound payments, i.e. patent royalties, dividends or interest, between the required source country and residence country or countries or vice versa.
Transfer Pricing Comparison Table
A convenient and concise country-by-country overview of rates, applicable rules, the pre-filing phase and filing phase dealing with applicable Transfer Pricing methods, method priority per country, comparables, documentation requirements, APAs, CCAs, customs duties and VAT aspects, tax assessment details and penalties.
Withholding Rates Comparison Table
From about 175 Treaty Withholding Rates tables, you will be able to generate your own dynamic comparison table, tailored to your needs, showing the source and residence countries and income streams you want.
Historical Tax Archives
This tool allows you to quickly compare historical versions of a country chapter, or a historical version with the current one. From 2012, we have highlighted the main changes per historical version for easy reference.
International Tax Structuring
This tool is designed to help you plan cross-border transactions. It provides guidance to the steps to be considered per transaction by generating a side-by-side view of relevant Country and Topical Analyses chapters and summaries from the International Tax Structuring collection.
Treaty Article Comparison
The Treaty Article Comparison tool allows you to compare one Treaty or Model to another. You can put the full texts of any two treaty documents in our database side by side, or select individual articles to see any differences in wording. You can also compare two language versions. The tool allows you to select articles on the basis of actual treaty article titles.
Treaty Article Export
This tool allows you to export multiple income and capital tax treaty articles to MS-Word , PDF or Excel format to study one or more articles from various treaties in more detail (for example, the Permanent Establishment article from multiple treaties).
Treaty Status Monitor
The Treaty Status Monitor allows you to check the sign year and status of each treaty document available in the comprehensive IBFD Treaties collection, covering all jurisdictions around the world. It contains links to the full treaty document with further links to recent news and Case Law to find relevant details.