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Gain immediate access to a wealth of tax information but pay only for the journal article(s) you need.
With the launch of Pay-per-view you can buy individual articles from IBFD’s world renowned journal article collection.


  • Ideal for clients who do not subscribe to a particular journal article collection but require ad-hoc information on a specific international taxation issue or topic.
  • Immediate download of the article of your choice as a PDF document. 
  • Powerful search tools available on the IBFD Tax Research Platform and in the Library Catalogue to help you find relevant articles quickly and easily.


 Article type 
 Single article from any IBFD journal (with the exception of World Tax Journal)
 Single article from the World Tax Journal
 Single article from the International Tax Studies (ITAXS)

How does it work?

Three ways to select your articles:

1. IBFD Journal Article Abstracts on

Browse our journal articles via the IBFD Journal Article Abstracts and choose the article(s) relevant to your research. You can purchase the selected article by clicking on the order button.

2. IBFD Tax Research Platform:

If you have access to the IBFD Tax Research Platform you can also purchase an article directly from within the Platform, if it is published in a journal article collection you do not subscribe to. Note: the option “My subscription only” must be unchecked when browsing. Clients holding a subscription to Global Tax Explorer (Plus) benefit from a 10% discount on the article price.

3. IBFD Library Catalogue:

Browse the library catalogue to purchase a single IBFD journal article by clicking on the order link.