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IBFD Journal Articles Collection

IBFD provides tax professionals with accurate, reliable and timely coverage of important tax developments on a worldwide scale, combined with further detailed analysis of their impact on tax practice, and aims to offer as broad a selection as possible in terms of countries, topics and authors. Choose between Global, Regional, Country Select or Topical coverage.

A subscription to IBFD’s Tax News & Analysis collection gives you the most comprehensive and in-depth coverage of tax developments through short news reports from our Tax News Service with further analysis via more detailed news reports, and interpretation and explanation in IBFD journal articles from all IBFD journals on the IBFD Tax Research Platform and all IBFD Webinars on the IBFD Tax Training Platform. Its broad coverage in terms of countries and topics serves the needs of different specialists within an organization.
In addition to the Tax News & Analysis collection, which provides a holistic solution, we also offer the following journals and article collections, tailored to specific topics and areas of interest:

Discounts on selected IBFD journals

Add an IBFD Journal Articles collection (including Tax News & Analysis) to your Global, Regional or Topical Explorer subscription and receive a 25% discount


The IBFD Journal Articles collections are only available online via the IBFD Tax Research Platform. The Tax News & Analysis package provides additional access to the IBFD Webinars on the IBFD Tax Training Platform.



Journal Article Alert (optional free service)

Journal Article Alert is a free email service that informs you about newly published IBFD journal articles. You can either subscribe to alerts for all IBFD journal titles, or just for the journal title(s) you are interested in.

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