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Historical Tax Archives

Historical Tax Archives


As a tax practitioner you may need to deal with tax issues from the past, due to protracted litigation procedures.

To help you find the correct tax rules from the past, IBFD has made available the Historical Tax Archives dating back to 2009. This add-on is available via the IBFD Tax Research Platform and it allows you to quickly compare historical versions of a country chapter, or a historical version with the current one. From 2012, we have highlighted the main changes per historical version for easy reference. For a small extra fee, you can order our Historical Tax Archives together with the relevant online collection of your choice, or as an add-on to your existing subscription.
Topic Historical Archives from
Country Key Features 2009
Country Surveys 2009
Country Analyses 2009
Corporate Investment Income 2009
Private Investment Income 2009
Holding Companies 2009
Mergers & Acquisitions 2009
Permanent Establishments 2009
Value Added Taxation 2009
Transfer Pricing 2010
Withholding Rate Tables 2009
EU VAT Rate Tables 2011

Tax Accounting & Risk Management


How to order?

You can order the Historical Tax Archives by clicking on one of the online collections below. Then choose the option "Online Collection + Archives".

If you have already subscribed to any of these collections, you can now order the Historical Tax Archives at a small surcharge on the annual subscription price. Please contact Customer Support.

The following collections offer Historical Tax Archives: