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Global Tax Premier

Global Tax Premier provides you with virtually all information collections available on the IBFD Tax Research Platform. Subscribers receive an “all-in” subscription at a much lower price compared to purchasing products individually.

Global Tax Premier


Up to 5 users. View purchase information

Available on request
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Global Tax Premier

Type of publication:

Global Tax Premier + Historical Tax Archives


Up to 5 users. View purchase information

Available on request
Enquire / Order via Email
Global Tax Premier

Why subscribe?

Global Tax Premier gives you everything IBFD has to offer and everything you need to perform the tax research you want. Being a subscriber means having full access to all the information collections and tools on the IBFD Tax Research Platform, discounts to tailored IBFD services, printed books and courses and more. 


Main Contents


  • Tax News Service - Latest developments in international tax including BEPS and MLI
  • Talking Points – Opinion pieces providing commentary and analysis on the latest hot topics
  • Tables – Brief overviews of the rates and other essential elements of tax regimes (Country Key Features) and easy-to-use tables covering withholding tax rates, MLI positions and all BEPS and EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) implementation measures at a national level
  • Country Surveys – Concise descriptions of national tax regimes, following a uniform outline
  • Country Analyses – Very detailed per-country descriptions of major economies worldwide, including Canada and the United States, following a uniform outline
  • VAT, Sales Tax & Other Indirect Taxes
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Topical Analyses
  • Treaties
  • Models
  • Primary Sources –  documentation on direct taxes from international organizations (OECD, UN and PATA), including the BEPS reports
  • National Legislation (VAT Law Link - the VAT laws of EU Member States linking to VAT Directive 2006/112)
  • Case Law – Tax Treaty Case Law and ECJ Case Law summaries (Direct Tax)
  • Online Books
  • Online IFA Cahiers
  • Journals
  • IBFD Webinars

Tools and Action Functionality


  • Compare two similar country chapters easily, using standardized outlines
  • Compare similar tables for multiple countries, including:
    • BEPS Country Monitor
    • Country Key Features
    • MLI Country Monitor
    • EU VAT Rates Table
    • Global Mobility Comparison Table
    • Holding Companies Comparison Table
    • Tax Compliance Comparison Table
    • Outbound Payments Comparison Table
    • Transfer Pricing Comparison Table
    • Transfer Pricing Documentation Comparison Table
    • VAT & Sales Tax Comparison Table
    • Withholding Rates Comparison Table
  • International Tax Structuring 
  • Compare entire treaty documents, individual treaty articles or two different language versions side by side
  • Export treaty article for multiple treaties to MS Word, Excel or PDF
  • Treaty Status Monitor - Find real-time information on the status of a treaty, protocol or related document

Value for Money

Global Tax Premier is an all inclusive price which equates to a discount of more than 30% on the normal price of the separate components. We are happy to let you discover the Global Tax Premier for yourself with a free trial. This can be arranged via our Sales Department, +31-20-554 0179. For clients in the Americas & the Caribbean, +1-703-442 7757. For clients in Asia, +31-6-5153 6806.


Full access to all online content available on the IBFD Tax Research Platform

  • View two different documents (e.g. treaty and model, table and country chapter) side by side
  • Complete coverage of up-to-the-minute global tax information (third-party databases are not included, but can be purchased at a discount)
  • Country-by-country descriptions of tax systems in standardized outlines and in different levels of detail
  • Comprehensive description of major topics in international taxation in standardized outlines
  • Keep up to date with direct links to Tax News Service developments relevant to a chapter
  • Comprehensive collection of primary source information (tax treaties, models, EU law and case law)
  • Opinion-making journals covering main topics in international taxation and developments in major economies in the world
  • Easy-to-use (compare) tools which help you do your research more quickly and efficiently 
  • Ability to export data to PDF and MS Word
  • Create and save unique personalized searches and documents under your Favourites
  • Frequent updates
  • Access for up to five users (additional users for a small fee)
  • Effective navigation between different sets of information wherever you go, no matter what device you are using

Large discounts on print and other non-online products and services


Access to the IBFD Online Book Library

Subscribers will be granted access to the online books that are published within the period of their subscription (excluding select books published in cooperation with 3rd parties).





Why Historical Tax Archives?

As a tax practitioner you may need to deal with tax issues from the past, due to protracted litigation procedures. 
To help you find the right information fast, IBFD has made available the Historical Tax Archives dating back to 2009. This additional product allows you to quickly view and compare historical tax data, so you can analyse the main changes across different time periods.
For an extra fee, you can order our Historical Tax Archives together with theGlobal Tax Premier, by clicking on the tab "Online Collection + Archives" above. If you have already subscribed to the Global Tax Premier, you can now order the Historical Tax Archives at a surcharge on the annual subscription price. For more information, please contact Customer Support.


“Our company is globally active on projects in numerous tax jurisdictions. For us the IBFD portal acts as an easy accessible starting point for obtaining reliable and up to date tax information. This enables us to efficiently keep track of relevant global tax developments.”
Fugro N.V.
"I know the relevance of the IBFD's web contents when one is involved in the practice of International Taxation.The help that one gets is phenomenal.I am satisfied with the subscription and would soon let you know what can else be done to make it more helpful and rewarding."

Girish Dave, ex- Director of Income-Tax(International Taxation), Mumbai, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

”Monthly Journal for International Taxation is a sole international taxation journal in Japan and has gained high reputation among corporations and tax professionals. Year 2011 is the 30th anniversary since the first issue in 1981. IBFD Tax News Service (TNS) has been placed in MJIT with the cooperation of IBFD since September 2008. MJIT relies on information and network of IBFD and desires to continue and expand its cooperation with IBFD from now on.”
Editors of Monthly Journal International Taxation (MJIT), International Taxation Research Institute (ITRI)




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