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The European Association of Tax Law Professors International Tax Series (EATLP)

EATLP International Tax SeriesThis series of books is published by the European Association of Tax Law Professors (EATLP). Founded on 10 June 1999, the EATLP is composed of more than 300 members who are tax law professors from the European Union. In addition, the association now includes associate members from non-EU countries.


The EATLP holds an annual congress which helps to achieve its goals of promoting academic teaching programmes on European, international, domestic and comparative taxation and contributing to the harmonization of taxes within the European Union. The EATLP series covers the topics discussed at its annual events.


The EATLP International Tax Series

> Tax Competition in Europe (out of stock)
> Vol. 1 - The Notion of Income from Capital (out of stock)
> Vol. 2 - EU Freedoms and Taxation (out of stock)
> Vol. 3 - The Concept of Tax (out of stock)