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Essays on Tax Treaties: A Tribute to David A. Ward

In recognition of David A. Ward’s contribution to international tax law, the book comprises a unique collection of essays on the interpretation and application of international tax treaties.

Essays on Tax Treaties: a tribute to David A. Ward

Guglielmo Maisto, Angelo Nikolakakis et al
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Joint publication of Canadian Tax Foundation and IBFD

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Essays on Tax Treaties: A Tribute to David A. Ward

Why this book?

This volume of essays on the interpretation and application of international tax treaties was conceived by a group of colleagues of the late David A. Ward, QC, as a tribute to the lasting impact of his work on the academic study of tax treaties.

The essays, written by internationally recognized scholars and practitioners, highlight two important aspects of Ward's career: the study of tax as an academic discipline and the development of an international perspective to further a common global approach to the interpretation of tax treaties.
David A. Ward was the author of numerous articles and presentations for the Canadian Tax Foundation and IBFD, the co-publishers of this exceptional collection honouring the memory of a truly iconic figure in the study of international tax law.



Main Contents


  • Considerations Relating to Tax Treaties in General
  • Considerations Arising Under Selected Distributive Articles
  • Entitlements to Treaty Benefits and Abuse of Tax Treaties




John F. Avery Jones, Peter H. Blessing, Nathan Boidman, Luc De Broe, Ronald K. Durand, David N. Finkelstein, Anna Gunn, Michael Lang, Guglielmo Maisto, Angelo Nikolakakis, Katrina Petrosovitch, Kees van Raad, Robert Raizenne, H. David Rosenbloom, Jacques Sasseville, David W. Smith, Richard Vann, Stef van Weeghel, Scott Wilkie.
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