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Tax Research Summaries

In this page you can find summaries of actual tax research projects that IBFD has undertaken and delivered in the past. 


Going Global? IBFD Supports Your Workforce Mobility Programme Through Our Research Services

by Ivana van der Maas


Managing tax in complex international relocations is a demanding task. Regardless of the choices companies make when approaching relocation assignments, either for traditional expatriate assignments, short-term assignments or for business commuters/frequent business travellers (termed “stealth expatriates”) or any combinations of the above, cross-border tax issues are more


Withholding Tax Developments in 2014/2015

by Marjolein Kinds and Laura Pakarinen



IBFD Provides Cross-Border Withholding Tax Data on Structured Financial Products

by Laura Pakarinen and Victor Chew



Tax Treatment of Foreign Entities in Germany and Spain

by Andreas Perdelwitz and Roberto Bernales



IBFD Investigates Income Tax Burden on Families

by Laura Pakarinen



Withholding Tax Risks and PE Risks in Egypt, Kenya, Morocco and Turkey

by Ridha Hamzaoui, Kennedy Munyandi and Shee Boon Law