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Ridha Hamzaoui

"Working at IBFD is a fantastic and challenging experience for tax practitioners aiming to increase their exposure to international tax law and enhance their knowledge about different domestic tax systems. It is undoubtedly an international tax hub contributing to the development of research and knowledge in international taxation. It also offers a unique chance to study in depth cross-border tax issues and to work on various tax-related activities with a bright team of tax and non-tax experts of different ages, nationalities and professional backgrounds. Lecturing at the International Tax Academy, developing a government consultancy project or assisting with client requests: IBFD offers a wide range of activities and possibilities that enhance your skills and make you discover new ones. Being at IBFD, one also enjoys a European capital and the “Venice of the North”. Famous for its indulgent and generous atmosphere, Amsterdam is also the home of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, typical renaissance architecture and, of course, the canals. Furthermore, the Netherlands' rich cultural heritage offers museums, cultural events and a fascinating night life. In my view IBFD is an exceptional institution, enabling one to explore new tax fields, release your potential and upgrade your tax capacities whilst enjoying an inspiring working environment and the incredible melting pot of more than 30 nationalities. It is an ongoing success tax story – so join the company and become part of the team."

Belema Obuoforibo

"I joined IBFD because I wanted to increase my exposure to international tax. Thus far, it has been an exhilarating experience. On arriving, I was much taken by the clear dedication to research and to the pursuit of knowledge. It is the ideal home for a tax professional seeking to learn more. Daily I am inspired to expand my horizon. No sooner have I learned something new than the chance arises to put it into practice.  IBFD has also given me the space to indulge my passion for teaching. Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to teach in Africa. At the end of the course, the participants expressed their gratitude to us and to IBFD for the small role we had played in rebuilding their nation. Moments like these do not arise often in the world of taxation, and I was grateful to have played a part. And I love Amsterdam – the creative energy of the place is evident everywhere. I am doing a job that inspires me, and living in a city like no other. Indeed I could not have asked for more."
Sarah van Waardenburg
"I am very happy with my decision to do my internship at the Marketing department of IBFD. Working in an international environment and meeting interesting people gives me the chance to grow both professionally and personally. While enjoying excellent guidance during my training, I feel treated like an equal, and also that my presence and accomplishments are much appreciated. Already from the very beginning I got to do some very interesting assignments, while also being involved in all kinds of projects. This internship is certainly fulfilling its purpose, as it puts theory into practice, while giving me a glance into the fast-paced, dynamic world of international marketing communications."

Joel Cooper

"Working at IBFD has enabled me to develop a truly international career as an international tax specialist and has provided me with the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from, knowledgeable tax specialists from around the world. In addition, working with people from all corners of the globe provides for an amazingly diverse and interesting social environment. Within only my first year at IBFD I had the opportunity to be present at a conference in Germany, attend an OECD conference in Paris, be an instructor at courses in Indonesia and Nigeria and continually meet and work with tax professionals from across the world from advisory firms, multinationals, governments, the United Nations and the OECD. In addition to these amazing opportunities (which are in fact just part of the day-to-day job!), IBFD presents a flexible work environment, opportunities for study and professional development and continuous on-the-job learning. No week is ever the same at IBFD!"

Laila Benchekroun

"My experience with IBFD started in 2006. I was sent by the Moroccan tax authorities to IBFD to deepen my knowledge of cross-border taxation. IBFD was described to me as the ideal environment to get full exposure to international tax. My work with IBFD, which was supposed to last only 12 months, fortunately continued until the end of 2009. At the start of 2010, I returned to my previous job to take up an appointment as tax treaty negotiator for my country, Morocco. IBFD gave me the opportunity to strengthen my tax knowledge, and enabled me to build an important network. In addition, it is an amazing place to make new friends from all over the world, all of whom are dedicated to taxation. Not only have I forged strong ties with my colleagues, but also with friends of my colleagues and IBFD alumni. Moreover, it has been very enriching to learn about other cultures and ways of thinking. We were often invited by our friends and colleagues to visit their home countries and learn about their traditions. Today, I can simply state that I am a different person from when I joined IBFD in 2006. I am more understanding of different cultures, and much better equipped in terms of international tax knowledge. IBFD gave me the chance to grow in this way. I am so lucky and proud to be a part of the IBFD family."

Raffaele Russo

"Working for IBFD not only allowed me to see things differently and meet colleagues from different cultures, it was also an enriching professional experience. I guess the three most important benefits for me are: 1) I dramatically improved my drafting skills; 2) I learned how to present complex topics in a simple manner; and 3) I developed research skills in the area of international and comparative tax law. These three things have helped me a lot both in my previous job in the private sector and now in an international organization."