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Our clients

Over the years IBFD has successfully served Fortune 500 companies, governments, international consultancy firms, individuals and tax advisors across the world with timely, accurate and independent information on international taxation. 

In this, IBFD is supported by a multinational, in-house staff and a vast international network of tax professionals, enabling us to keep providing our clients with the experience and knowledge needed to comply with their demands.

Client Profiles


Governments around the world have chosen IBFD as their provider of consultancy services on matters such as tax policy- and legislation, defining the tax reform process and building up advanced and up-to-date organizations in an effective and efficient way.

Tax Advisors

Clients rely on their tax advisors to provide them with the best possible tax advice. In turn, tax advisors rely on IBFD to fulfil all their tax information needs, from books and online collections to courses, workshops and tailored client research.

Corporate clients

IBFD is the supplier of tax information for the tax departments of a great number of multinational organizations. From Fortune 500 companies to small international consultancy firms, all our clients benefit from our complete coverage on international taxation through our courses, online collections, journals, books and library.