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03 - 05 Dec 2015Foundation for International Taxation's Jubilee Conference

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the yearly International Taxation Conference is organized by the Foundation for International Taxation in Mumbai, India.


IBFD attended event, Conference/Seminar
Mumbai - India
Foundation for International Taxation's Jubilee Conference
Maratha Hotel
Mumbai, India


The Conference theme will be "BEPS and Beyond BEPS – The Impact and Next Steps”. BEPS is a global problem which requires global solutions to combat tax rules that allow shifting profits to low or no-tax locations with little or no economic activity. BEPS affects revenues of countries since many of them rely heavily on corporate taxes from multinational enterprises (MNEs).
The goal of this conference is to provide a better understanding of the OECD's entire BEPS project and its complexity, but also to address some of the concerns and changes one should expect in the years to come. Besides an analysis of the conclusions reached at the Leaders’ Summit in November 2015, expert tax professionals, including IBFD senior staff, will offer their own views on the matter. Moreover, delegates will also hear wider views during panel discussions.