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  • "Taxes Covered": A Study of Article 2 of the OECD Model Tax Conventions
    Patricia Brandstetter, April 2011
    Available as Print Book, Online BookEUR 100 / USD 135
    This book provides an in-depth analysis of recent case law and academic literature, and sheds light on the background to the standard formulations used in the provision on the substantive scope of today's tax treaties.   ...
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  • A Decade of Case Law
    Raffaele Russo, Renata Fontana, August 2008
    Available as Print BookEUR 80 / USD 105
    This book is in honour of the 10th Anniversary of the Leiden Adv LLM in International Tax Law.   ...
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  • A Guide to the European VAT Directives 2014
    Ben Terra, Julie Kajus, May 2014
    Available as eBook, Print BookStarting from EUR 235 / USD 330
    Published annually, this handy two-volume set provides a comprehensive overview of the most essential parts of VAT Directives in Europe.   ...
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  • A Tax Globalist: Essays in Honour of Maarten J. Ellis
    Henk van Arendonk, Frank Engelen et al, 2005
    Available as Print Book, Online bookEUR 95 / USD 100
    This book comprises 20 essays on international and European tax law written by renowned tax experts in honour of the academic work of Maarten Ellis.   ...
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  • A VAT/GST Model Convention
    Thomas Ecker, May 2013
    Available as eBook, Online Book, Print BookStarting from EUR 96 / USD 124
    Based on an in-depth analysis of the basic principles underlying VATs/GSTs, this book examines the phenomenon of VAT/GST double taxation and the possible remedies.   ...
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  • Accounting and Taxation & Assessment of ECJ Case Law
    Michael Lang, Frans Vanistendael, April 2008
    Available as Print BookEUR 50 / USD 65
    This book comprises the proceedings of the annual meeting of the European Association of Tax Law Professors (EATLP) held in Helsinki from 7-9 June, 2007.   ...
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  • Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe
    Hans Robert Schwencke, 2002
    Available as Online bookEUR 99 / USD 126
    Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe analyses the most heavily discussed accounting issues related both to group establishments and legal mergers (pooling accounting, goodwill, negative goodwill, minority interests, group reorganizations, etc).   ...
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  • Advance Tax Rulings and Principles of Law
    Dr Carlo Romano, 2002
    Available as Online book, Print BookEUR 99 / USD 126
    A thorough study of the legal instruments of the advance tax ruling - being any advice, information or statement provided by the tax authorities to a specific taxpayer concerning his tax situation in respect of future transactions, and on which that taxpayer ...
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  • African Tax Explorer Plus
    Ridha Hamzaoui
    Available as Online Collection, Online Collection + Historical Tax ArchivesStarting from EUR 800 / USD 1,080
    Detailed and systematic documentation of the taxation systems of almost every country in Africa, including a detailed chapter on South Africa.     ...
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  • Arbitration under Tax Treaties
    Dr Mario Züger, 2001
    Available as Print Book, Online bookEUR 99 / USD 126
    This book provides an in-depth analysis of several concluded and proposed dispute resolution methods.   ...
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