Being an organization with an international scope, cooperation has always been high on IBFD's agenda. International cooperation generally takes place through exchange agreements with universities and research institutes and privileged working relationships with international organizations in the field of tax law.


University agreements 

As education and research in tax law are integral parts of IBFD and its mission, the organization has a long tradition of concluding agreements with various universities all over the world. The purpose of these agreements is to support universities in their efforts to create educational and research programmes in international and comparative tax law.
This support is provided by giving lectures at specialized tax courses, and providing information on international and national tax law to libraries and documentation centres under generous conditions. In exchange for this support, universities provide IBFD with information on developments in the tax law of their jurisdiction.
To IBFD, geographical distribution of its university network and a firm commitment of the university to developing high quality knowledge in the field of international tax law are essential elements for cooperation.
IBFD currently has agreements with the following universities:


EATLP is the European Association of Tax Law Professors whose seat is at IBFD in Amsterdam. The Academic Chairman of IBFD is ex officio secretary of the organization and member of the EATLP board. IBFD provides academic and logistical support to EATLP activities, in particular to the organization of its annual congress and the publication of the congress reports.



Since its foundation in 1938, IBFD has been closely associated with the International Fiscal Association (IFA). IBFD (until recently) published the IFA annual congress reports, and its Academic Chairman is ex officio member of the Permanent Scientific Committee of the IFA. Additionally, IBFD hosts and coaches the IFA researcher, provides quick news (Tax News Service) reports on all sessions of the annual IFA congress, and, each year, devotes a special issue of the Bulletin for International Taxation - Journal exclusively to the IFA congress.